flower Talk Design Revealed

gynoid first announced that flower would be getting a talk bank back in July, 2019. But since then, we haven’t seen any developments revealed, not even so much as a design… until now.

Reveal at Koetsuki 6?

As gynoid was setting up their booth at the Kono Koe Todoke, Tsuki Made mo 6 doujin event, they tweeted this tease:

“Our booth is complete at Koetsuki 6!”

“Anyone who comes to see the ‘real thing’ at our booth is free to tweet and publicize it! (However, please respect the privacy of other attendants)”

So you know what? I (Marumain) did just that, snapping a photo of what turned out to be a really cool-looking design for v flower!

And of course I shared my discovery on Twitter, too!

But little did I realize, there’s something written on the ribbon-like object attached to flower’s left sleeve, which some keenly aware fans may have noticed…

If one looks at the letters closely, they may be able to make out the words “Talk FloweR”

Could this actually be the design for flower Talk?

gynoid didn’t say until Koetsuki was over, and finally made this confirmation tweet:

“Thank you to everyone who came to gynoid’s booth today at Koetsuki 6! ! We’ve been wanting to exhibit our stuff at Koetsuki for some time, and be just barely managed to make it! We hope you continue to support us in all that we do, starting with this outfit for flower Talk (working name) revealed for the first time!”

So there we have it, flower Talk’s official design! gynoid has proven that they can be quite sneaky indeed, having had fans take pictures of AND publicize her design without knowing it!

Stay tuned as gynoid reveals more about flower Talk, and hopefully they won’t do things in quite a sneaky manner in the future!

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