Snow Miku – Mikufest event in Mikucolle (Part 2)

As promised, here are the updates for the Snow Miku 2020 event in Mikucolle! As we enter the second half of the event, I’ve been working hard to see what items I can earn… so you’ll soon see how successful I’ve been. If you’d like to read the first article about this event, you can read it here.

Here we have the second opening screen, with art by まろ (Maro)

And here are the new gacha for the second half of the event!

-First we have a gacha with three options: inside the gacha, the first button on the left is one pull only, and it costs 3 Miku coins (this one can be played up to once a day).

The next button gives you a one pull gacha too, but you can play it as many times you like. This one costs 5 Mikucoins per pull. 

Lastly you have the third button, which gives you 10 cards plus one extra, making it the best value for money. You should get at least one SSR with this gacha, and it costs 50 Mikucoins.

-Next there is the free gacha! With this one, you’ll be able to do the equivalent of a 10 + 1 pulls gacha without paying anything. I was very happy with my pull for this (which I’ll show you later). This gacha will disappear once used, leaving four event gacha left.

-With the next gacha down, you’ll need to use special gacha tickets instead of Mikucoins. You only get one pull, but there’s a high probability for an SSR+

-The third Rainbow Rush gacha requires tickets too, but instead,you should get no less than an SSR with your single pull. 

Here are the cards available in all of the aforementioned gacha:

Music Resonating Through the Snowy Night” (「雪の夜に響く音楽」) – SSR+

Skill: “Our Path …” (僕らの軌跡を)

Art by まろ (Maro)

Snow Parade Miku – SSR+

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: Snow Horn (スノーホルン)

Snow Parade Rin – SSR+

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: “Snow Trumpet” (スノートランペット)

Snow Parade Len – SSR+

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: “Snow Trombone” (スノートロンボーン)

Snow Parade FM – SSR

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: Corps, Ten Hut!

-And even more exciting is the box gacha!

For this gacha, you need to earn box gacha tickets (I’ll explain this in a moment). Each ticket that you earn gives you one pull, and the opportunity to get either a special SSR card or hair accessories. But wait…it’s a bit more difficult than that.

Each box has at least 12 items within it. And there are a total of 7 boxes to go through. Each item within the box can be received once, so you need 12 tickets to finish box one. Then you move onto box 2, which has 13 items. And so on, and so forth. I’ll show you what’s in each box:

This is the special card featured in the box:

Big Music Concert in the Night of Falling Snow” (「雪降る夜の大演奏」) – SSR+

Art by ピスケ(Pisuke)

Skill: “It seems I’m able to see again!” (また見えるようになるのさ)

As well as this, you’ll be able to get the special “Winter’s Band” (ふゆのおんがくたい) cards, based on designs by リズ (Rizu), and some special accessories.

Now how do you actually GET tickets for this gacha? In the Event (イベント) section of the Mission List (ミッションリスト) , you’ll see a load of white tickets with red writing, which you can earn by clearing an event mission without losing all of you HP, then using Mikucoins to carry on. If you use Mikucoins to carry on in a mission, then you don’t get the achievement. Got it?

So you get 50 of these tickets per mission completed. Then, you have to go into the shop on the main page, click on the “Event” tab, and then exchange these white and red tickets for purely red tickets, which can be used in the box gacha. The exchange rate really hits you though, since it’s 100 of the white tickets for just ONE red ticket. Ouch.

Since my cards weren’t strong enough, I could only finish level 3 – 2, meaning I got 500 white tickets and…only 5 gacha tickets. If you remember the amount of items in Box 1…yeah, I’m not doing well.

But here’s what I’ve got so far from the Box gacha:

And finally, I’ll explain about the special packs in the store.

Snow miku 2020 event only packs (round two)

The first two packs I showed in the previous article have been replaced with these!

Snow Miku 2020 Pack 1 (Round two) – ¥10000 ($91 USD/£70 GBP)

-200 Mikucoins (Buy 100, get 100 free!).

– One SSR+ Gacha ticket. (A ticket for the “high probability for an SSR” gacha I mentioned).

Snow Miku 2020 Pack 2 (Round two) – ¥4900 ($44 USD / £34)

-91 Mikucoins (Buy 49, get 42 free!)

-One “No less than SSR” gacha ticket (for the second gacha requiring tickets that I mentioned).

Note: you can buy each of these packs a maximum of 10 times. 

Our last update for the game is this: now, when you play an event mission, the points you earn will help you get a rank. You’ll be placed in a leaderboard amongst other players, and some of the highest ranked will get this card:


Art by  はねこと (Hanekoto)

Skill: “Let’s Sing in this Night’s Snow Again!” (また歌おうこんな雪の夜に)

And that wraps everything up for now! I’m really glad that Rin and Len get a special card too, since I was getting worried that they wouldn’t. The event will be on until the 17th February 2020, so don’t miss out! Thanks for reading~☆


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